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unsure about DPO - anyone familiar with answer brand giving pos opk after conf ov?

Hi I am trying to get familiar with opk's - answer brand since 2013 was the last time i used them - i remember them being sensitive leading up and gearing towards ov - but i dont recall after. I know i ovulated on cd 12/13. I am on cd 21 today. (known ov by CM- Egg white thick stretchy and pink tinged, temp rise, and no opk done)

Just because the app said I am due to ov on cd 18- i decided to take an opk (even though I know my temp and body already indicated I ov'd- i wanted to make sure at least my surge was over.

I dont want to test the bfp theory only because fertility friend gave me possible ov date on cd 16.

with the earliest ov CD 12/13 and the cd 16th -

i have been having pos opk's today at 9dpo cd 21/ or based of FF - 5 dpo/cd 21 ( just throwing the possibilities out there)

has anyone had experience with answer brand opk's and having pos this many days after ovulation without the bfp theory- I'm trying to gauge how sensitive they are.

cd15 I had brown blood in my underwear-that covered crotch (sorry tmi)
with no blood in cm when checked cervix- but present when I wiped. later that night light pink when wiped. no more brown blood since. cm creamy

cd 17- light pink spotting when I wiped with no blood or pink cm on cervix. cm creamy

I dont usually have spotting on ovulation so idk if it was ov spotting and am not too familiar with IB bleeding.

I really think I am going to loose my confidence in my ov date because of the pos opk- and bfn on first signal- I dont want to test again until cd 26 at least. I keep taking them today to see if they will get lighter-

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I typically trust Fertility Friend, but the #1 sign of when you ovulated should be your temperature, not your OPK. Bear in mind that while a positive opk usually means ovulation within 12-36 hours, it can actually be as early as 6 hours or as late as 48 hours, depending on what point of the surge you catch your positive at. And it's possible not to ovulate at all despite the opk, and re-surge later and ovulate then. Your temperature will tell you the real story.

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