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3 dpo or 7 dpo. What the heck???.

Well this cycle is so weird and completely differant than the last 6 cycles we have been TTC .
I am 3 dpo or I am 7 dpo ( let me explain ) I had a weird period ( my cycles are always 26 day cycles ) this one turned into a 24 day cycle period came two days early. It lasted five days. And that is a day longer than normal. I had no cramping what so ever with this period. And I always have cramping that leaves me on the couch like a big baby.
As soon as it was over that's when I had cramping. And normally once period is over my creamy discharge comes back. Well it didn't it was egg white discharge for three days than went to creamy discharge and cramping went away. We did BD on those days. Than about four days later cramping and my discharge went back to EWD and we baby danced than too and left me confused.
Lol three days since my discharge went back to normal. I am getting mild dull AF like cramping and heaping louds of discharge. My cervix is still high and soft. Never experienced this in my cycles.
So either I am having an off month with an odd cycle or could this be something else.
My boobs don't hurt yet. And they are always sore the day after I ovulate like hurt so bad I can't even wear a bra. Has anyone else had a messed up cycle like this and ended up not pregnant. Like I said this could be anything. Or have you ended up preggers.

And please I know about the implantation about it being to soon. I'm not asking if I am. Haha

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Omg, read my post i just posted....

Hi, yes, and im going nutzo trying to figure it

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