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So, I'm brand new, and thinking I'm cookoo.....

Ok, so I have been on bc since I was 36 this may. But 2 years ago, I decided no tubes tied.....kinda regret's the deal.....I'm crazy yes......3 cycles ago, swore I was pregnant, awful cramps, sore boobs, etc, started my research, k......that was ovulation. [] Got it. Started to relax. Each cycle after, pretty regular, but light cramps 1 time. Then very sore boobs until AF. Craved milk. Soooooo, this cycle, blowing me away... before I felt any o symptoms, around CD 9 or 10.....Craved grape juice, like haven't had it since I was young, lasted 2 days, then around CD 14, I'm on a 24 to 25 day cycle btw, so CD 14, a late O? Cramped, omg I felt it, huge blob of clear snot......NEVER had that night....vivid dreams start. Exhausted but can t AM very nauseated, car sick, exhausted. That afternoon, pink CM, stretchy piece streaked w/blood. More cramping, still nauseous, no sore boobs and same symptoms plus dizzy spells and blurred vision until yesterday, period should be due Sunday ish......if yesterday.....bbs are sore, but not normal sore, nips mostly and under them, still nauseous, not hungry but weak, sodas taste funny, weird taste in my mouth, tired, headaches very dull, cramping is very mild and comes and goes but noticing it, I NEVER cramp with AF either. Could it be? Could I be that rare tl failure? I would totally be ok with that, and btw, you guys reading all of your posts the last few months makes me want it more, so happy for all of you.

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