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Light pink spotting cd16

Hello ladies! My long term boyfriend and I are NTNP. idk when I ovulated BC I don't keep track. But this is what my period tracker app says...
Dec 19th/CD 1 Period began
Dec 25th period ended
Dec 28th & Jan 1 BD
Dec 28th through Jan 3 is when my fertile window supposedly was
Jan 1st until now I have been SOOOOO thirsty! I am not usually an avid water drinker (I know shame on me) but have been downing 6-8 bottles minimum a day. My whole body just feels dry
Jan 4th/CD 15 had massive amounts of clear discharge (I could just feel it coming out as I was laying on the couch).
Now today, CD16 I woke up and had a bowel movement (sorry tmi) and had very light pink spotting on my tissue. I also have a slight fever. (My whole face feels very hot) and am still super thirsty. And i still feel the clear discharge in its abundance.

My period is never very consistent. According to my tracker I have been days early or late almost every month.

I've had ovulation spotting before but never with these symptoms attached and usually it is a few days earlier.

So... Am I looking at ovulation spotting or implantation spotting? It seems early for implantation but late for ovulation according to my history! Any ideas?

Thank you!

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It is way, way too early to be implantation if you ovulated just two or three days ago, and it's unlikely that you ovulated immediately at the end of your menstrual period (though possible). It sounds like you're probably just having some intense progesterone symptoms from ovulation.

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Hey, are cycles are practically in sync. Just a days difference. I also had pink spotting yesterday at what I make 4DPO. Itís stopped today.

I havenít been temping this month, so I donít know for sure that I ovulated, but I had a positive opk on 3rd jan and ovulation pains on 4th.

Fingers crossed for us

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