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length of time before getting BFP?

Hey all,

I'm just wondering for the ones who have received a BFP or have already had a child, when did you test and get your first BFP?

With my first child by the time i tested and got a BFP soon as my pee went down the strip..Went to the Dr the following week i was already almost 9 weeks.

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With both of my kids, it was the first month of trying and I got my bfp at 10 dpo. Can't help but feel discouraged once I pass 10 dpo now and this is my 3rd month of trying.

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With DS, I got my first BFP at 9dpo. It didn't show up immediately, and it was a vvvfl, but it was definitely there and so pink when I finally went back and checked the test!

My various miscarriages and chemical pregnancies have all varied. Some, I didn't even know I was pregnant until I lost them. A handful have been IUD oopsies that I wasn't tracking because I shouldn't have been able to get pregnant. So who knows! But I do usually get early positives.

I'm currently on cycle 5 of TTC #2. No luck yet. For me, it's really abnormal. I typically get pregnant at the drop of a hat, but have problems keeping them. (Very prone to losses.) If I'm not pregnant by next cycle, I am going to go see my midwife and see about getting some tests run.

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With my first I know it was before AF, but I don’t know what dpo. With my second, I was 10 dpo and got a faint, but visible though pink line on frer.

So this cycle when 10 dpo came and gone and I got start white bfn’s I got very disheartened and thought I was out. I read this study done on fertilityfriend about when most women got their bfp’s, and the average is at about 12 dpo. So I wanted to be optimistic - then sure enough, on the evening of 11dpo I got the faintest squinter of a line on a frer, tested again the morning of 12 dpo (yesterday) and got an obvious (although faint) bfp! Since confirmed with digital test. And lines on frer getting darker fast . So all I can say is you really aren’t out until AF arrives! Keep hope alive! Hope you get your bfp soon! xXx

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With my oldest, I wasn't trying to get pregnant, and tested at 7 days late, in the afternoon, and it showed immediately I was pregnant. With my youngest, we were ntnp over the course of 4 years, and I think I tested when I was 11 days late, I wasn't sure if I was late because of pg, or it was possibly I just had a longer cycle that time. Tested in the evening and showed immediately I was pregnant.

I try not to test to early, as my cycles can be anywhere from 26 days to 34, but average is 29 (and most months it's 29 days), so I usually wait a few days to week before I try to test, and am doing that this time around.

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