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Ovulation question.....regarding when my TWW will be 😖

Just a little question for all you ladies some of which are alot more knowledgeable in the ovulation field than I 😂

Do you have ovulation pain etc the day before you actually ovulate? Or on the day of ovulation?

I'm asking this because I had some strange pains and aches yesterday and I have nothing to compare it to as even though we are tcc#4 the first 3 I didn't have an insight into the world of TCC for my children they just happened to be blessings surprising us each time 😊
Anyway yesterday all day I felt like I had a really heavy uterus/cervix I had cramping feelings both sides of my lower abdomen and both sides on my lower back I was literally so uncomfortable all day but wasn't painful enough to take pain killers etc then about 11pm last night I felt like pinching but can't really say where abouts as I was just so achey and annoyed at how i was feeling all day i didn't really think to locate it
It may be because I am more aware of my body seeing as we are actually tcc for the first time but I didn't BD last night as I wasn't in the mood after having the heavy feeling down there all day
My ovulation app tells me today is the day for ovulation and I had lots of EWCM today and my CP was SHOW so that all looks pretty good.
But does the pain I felt yesterday mean the ovulation happened yesterday? Or today because of the EWCM
Oh my goodness I am rambling because I am confused 😂

If by some miracle you get to the end of this essay thankyou

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Ovulation pains can occur before, during, or after ovulation - it should not be relied on as an indicator unless you know for certain that it occurs on the day of ovulation for you. How are you tracking/confirming ovulation?

If you are still experiencing fertile CM, you probably haven't ovulated yet.

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I have ovulation pain on the day that FF says I will most likely ovulate. This month I had the pain the day after my positive opk. I did temp one month and in that month I didnít get the pain (typical), so I canít be 100% sure. Iím going to temp next month again(if this month doesnít work) as it is good to know the day you actually ovulated

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I had ewcm for a few days, Opks gradually got darker with the exact same heavy ache your describing front and back 2 days ago, by yesterday my ewcm had gone thick and more sticky and Opk are lighter so I'm assuming ovulation to have been Tuesday. If your cervix is still open and you still have ewcm I'd get another to cover all bases!

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Thankyou ladies for replying to me
I use the ovia app which said I was most fertile yesterday
Me and the OH have BD every day since Friday so i am confident we covered all bases 😂
I just found it strange how i felt on Tuesday as ive never ever noticed feeling like that before unless like some people have said when you aren't TCC you don't notice
So from what my app is saying I am 1 DPO today
I'll check the CP and CM in a bit to see whats going on
I don't have any opk so didn't have those as a guide this month x

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