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6dpo and cannot stop looking at the calendar

Feeling like a crazy person with the amt I keep looking at the calendar and obsessing over every single perceived symptom -

I know its quite early but do you ladies feel any symptoms in the 2WW?
at 6dpo now - here is the breakdown of my post ov symptoms so far --

2dpo - fluttery cramps / bloating
3dpo - vivid dreams, very gassy, bloated, cramping, tired
4dpo - sore breasts, vivid dreams, gassy, bloated, cramping/flutters, tired, peeing often / waking up to pee 2 times, constipated
5dpo - waking up middle of night to pee, vivid dreams, sore breasts, woke up starving, cramping, tired, back pain, milky CM
6dpo - vivid dreams again, woke up starving with a headache, very hungry again in just 2 hours after huge breakfast, sore breasts, sharp twinges in lower right abdomen and have a numbness going down right hip/leg, backaches, tired still

AF is due for me next Saturday (1/20) and so I'm debating when the best time to test is.. advice? anyone else feeling similar symptoms? First time TTC so any tips are more than welcome!!

Baby dust to all!!

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Unfortunately, any symptoms in the first week or so (implantation takes 6-12 days before it happens, averaging 7-10) are just ovulation/luteal phase symptoms! Terrible how we start noticing them once we're TTC. The mind is wicked.

The best day to test is the first day of your missed period. You can start testing as early as 8dpo, but really 12dpo or later will get you the best results.

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