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Anyone else feel wet but no leaking cm days before AF to arrive?

just wondering if anyone else feels like they are wet kind of like AF has shown her face but hasn't yet. Then when i check my cm my vagina feels fairly wet and i get milky stretchy cm but not alot of creaminess sticks to my fingers if that makes since? cervix seems medium,medium and slightly open?( i say slightly open since i can take my finger tip and feel the opening on each side of finger but not open like during O)

AF is due Tuesday feb 6th.

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I have no idea, but I've been having something similar. I stopped checking my CM a few days after O, but I have been having that wet feeling and a fair amount of creamy discharge when I wipe. I haven't checked my cervix either, but that has largely to do with me being terrible at telling the difference between the different positions I stopped checking my CM + CP this cycle after O because last cycle I was stressing myself out trying to figure out if this or that meant that I was pregnant. I was basically treating my vag like a crystal ball and google/forums were my voodoo priestess It's funny now, but it led to a terrible 2 weeks and a big ole disappointment when I wasn't preg. So I'm trying to be way more chill this time around and am only doing temps so I can keep good data on my cycle.

Hopefully someone else sees this that can help?!?!

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I'm getting the wetness and creamy lumpy cm. So much of it. I can feel it fall out sorry tmi. I've got vvvvv faint shadows on tests. I've been watching it fade in. Not sure what to make of it all. No definitive answers yet. Good luck x

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