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Could this be implantation cramping/spotting?

So I have had a crazy cycle this month! I don't want to list it all because its just been that crazy. I don't chart/temp, we just became TTC#2 in January. This cycle was SO weird (with some mid-cycle spotting that lasted 5-6 days) that I went to the OB.

She said there is a possibility I ovulated late (ovulated late with my son, too).

So here I am waiting

Anyways, I am looking for experiences with implantation!

At 8-9dpo (this is a guessed ovulated) I experienced these sharp twinges/pinches in my lower right region. On and off for about an hour.

At 9-10dpo I woke up at 6am and had the smallest amount of brown in CM. Almost didn't catch it on the TP.

Could this be implantation pain/spotting. I don't remember having it with my son (he is 5 now).

Today is 11-12dpo and I feel completely fine. A/F is due today and I have no PMS. No other cramping or spotting. I feel...good (which is weird!) I did have a small wave of nausea yesterday but its winter and there are so many icky bugs out there that could have made me feel this way.

I did try an Equate (Walmart brand) today. It was not fmu. It was negative.

I don't really know what to think. It could all just be hormones and a wacky cycle. I guess when the OB told me it was a possibility-it got my hopes up

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It could be! Good luck!

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It can take 2-3 days after implantation for a bfp to show x try again in a couple of days x good luck :-)

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any update Eren?

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Sounds promising!! Keep us updated! When are you planning on testing again? x

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Good luck

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