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Uh oh? I知 freaking out.

So first, hello. I haven稚 been here for awhile. Well since I was ttc with my daughter and that was 2012. So I知 here now because after my daughters birth I got fitted with the copper iud. Which was a very loyal form of contraception the last 4 years haha until my last period when it fell out 😩 welllll I had all these plans to use my lump some of tax money to go towards having my birth control reinserted 😂 because I知 sure it痴 expensive. In the mean time the boyfriend and I were being cautious but not like 田ondom cautious. Just kind of 菟ull out before the blow cautious. Anyway I知 cycle day 29 and no sign of AF. Today痴 the day it痴 supposed to come. I知 hoping that since this is the first month with no birth control that maybe that痴 why it痴 late but my iud was non hormonal so not sure that痴 the case. I知 also experiencing some familiar feelings. Like a heated, full kind of achy feeling behind my pelvic bone... that was like one of my 100% symptoms with my daughter where I was like 登mg yay this symptom makes me think positively about being pregnant I just wish I could be that excited right now 😅 I love babies and I wanted more eventually, like a year or two from now though. What would you do? I mean obviously you ladies are dying to test as you池e more likely trying to conceive but I知 a little scared of a bfp right now. Fingers crossed that one of you lucky ladies get my bfp and I get that dreaded AF!!!

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The only way to know at this point is to take a test, especially if you池e late. Hope you get the answer you want!

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