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Didn't think I'd be here!! Unplanned...

I'm sorry if this isn't the right place to post but was really unsure where to put this...

My DH and I have 2 children and are not trying for anymore, in fact, he is adamant that there is to be NO MORE!

We DTD right around ovulation time and I took the morning after pill (ellaone) 3 days later. I am now 5 days late (usually regular) and second guessing every symptom (watery discharge, light cramping for days, sore bbs). My husband has made some awful comments about what we do if I'm pregnant but I'm actually coming round to the idea. I don't know whether to test or wait.

I'm not even sure what I'm asking! Just wanted someone to talk to...

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The morning after pill can make you late getting af. Try not to freak out but it can't hurt to test. My dh was against having another but he came round very quickly good luck

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I second that! The morning after pill messes with your cycle, it can make you early or late. The only way to know for sure is if AF shows up or to test. Iím also here because unplanned, the only reason pregnancy popped up in my head was that Iíve been having the WORST heartburn and the last time I had heartburn this bad I was pregnant with one of my angels. I canít have hormonal bc or the copper (seriously messed up system) so we use spermicide sponges most of the time (sometimes it gives me cases of bv which suck but eh)

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The morning after pill can mess around with you. However, a friend of mine had sex right around ovulation, took the morning after pill three days later and still became pregnant. I think you have to test. It isn't always effective and the later you use it the less effective it is

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I agree with the comments about the morning after pill messing with your cycle.
Good luck testing xx

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MAP can definitely affect your normal cycle, best to test before panicking. Good luck

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