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Hey dill temp stayed the same today :/ good or bad thing ? Cm is thicker and sticky/ watery if that make sense x

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Originally Posted by Summer2105 View Post
Originally Posted by Dill View Post
From December to now, this is my third, and this one seemed for all the world like it was going to stick. This is my 9th loss overall. I am going to call in on Monday and ask for some thyroid tests and see if maybe that's my problem.

At least I know DH and I are still fertile. I just need to try and figure out why I've only ever managed to carry one to term.
Dill, I lost a baby at 12 weeks due to my thyroid. I have hypothyroidism. After my d&c I immediately started my new dose of levo and conceived #3 one month later. Your thyroid plays a big part. Definitely get your levels checked! We are ttc #5 and I'm waiting to hear back on my thyroid level. It was high back in December and I periods had been crazy until the new dose so I'm hoping my level is good and that I ovulated this cycle. Sorry for your losses
Thank you, it's good to know that you were able to conceive so quickly after getting on levo! My clinic has been wonderful and is rushing me in tomorrow to discuss our options, and I'm hoping to get the thyroid stuff taken care of then. With my history of loss, something must be wrong.

Pookie, as for your temps, it's hard to say. We'll see if you get crosshairs soon!

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