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4 DPO implantation?

Hi girls!

We are currently TTC #3 and this is our first month trying!

I stopped taking the pill at the end of March then had a period. I had EWCM from the 6th a + OPK on April 9th, and we BD'd 4th-8th, 10th and 11th.

I'm now 4dpo (going off the OPK), and I keep having back aches and low cramping with some pinching mainly on my right side. It's such a heavy dull ache with cramps, it's hard to explain. I didn't have this during my cycles on the pill. It seems so crazy for implantation at 4DPO, but I feel like you never know wishful thinking!

Has anyone had anything like this? What was the outcome? Xxx

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Im currently 5dpo and ive had cramping and yesterday and todsy ive had such an awful cold/flu! Also when I went to the toilet and wiped it was pink!! Im curious to know if anyone else has experienced similar too as I know it's quite early still!

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Iím in exactly the same place as you, with the occasional cramping lightly here and there.

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Unless you're wrong about your ovulation date, a 4dpo implantation isn't going to happen, I'm afraid! The possible range is 6-12dpo, with 9-10dpo being the average. If you were to implant sooner, it would end up ectopic, and we don't want that!

FX that your signs mean you've got a fertilized egg happily rolling down and ready to snuggle in for a H&H 9 months.

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Dill is absolutely right, this is not implantation. Also, you generally ovulate 24-48 hours after your positive OPK, so you might only be 2-3 days instead of 4DPO.

Fingers crossed!

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I felt what I believed to be implantation at 5dpo. It was on and off over the course of an hour and it was like being stabbed with a small hot needed in such a specific area, and I found out I was pregnant 5 days later! My dates match exactly based on a scan at 7 weeks and again at 13 weeks! Good luck x

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Good luck!

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Def poss implantation.. i had pinky brown spotting 5&6 dpo & was peeing lots.. low & behold i tested positive on 9dpo, faint but positive! Im nearly 5wks now

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