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Af 5/1 6dpo. Chatting, symptom spotting and testing?

Hi ladies! Looking to chat while counting down the days. AF is due may 1st and I think I'm 6dpo. I wasn't charting or tracking like usual because we aren't actively trying at this point. My youngest is turning 1 May 5th and my husband says we're done but I don't necessarily want to agree yet, I'm open to a third. Based on cm and cramps I believe I o'd the 15th and we dtd on the 13th and he did not pull out in time. So here I am, back into the TWW sooner than I thought I'd be.

Anyone around the same time frame want to chat, share symptoms, and test with me? (I have a stash of ic's left over from my last and will be using them up - bfn yesterday and today of course).

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I’m due for AF 5/2, but not sure if I ovulated or anything. But I’ve been having crazy cm the past few days! I just had my first postpartum AF 4/4, 14 months postpartum, so I don’t know if things are back on track yet. I have hypothyroidism now, which wasn’t a factor before pregnancy, but I’ve had watery cm with white bits in it and tonight I have a TON of lotiony/stretchy cm. Not sure what either of those are about or what they mean, so I wait. Impatiently.

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Good luck!

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5dpo. Been etc for the past 18 months now with no luck (thanks to PCOS). My first proper ovulation cause of Femara.
No symptoms so far and it's worrying me!

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