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Stretchy lotiony cm?

Not sure how many dpo I may be or if I even od, but if it was on schedule I should be about 7dpo right now. My cm starting Monday (well say 5 dpo) was watery with white bits in it, then went to creamy, then back to watery with white bits, and just now I checked cm and it was lotiony (which Ive never had before), but also stretchy almost like ewcm. Theres so much Ive been seeing some in my panties and (TMI) slick when I wipe after I pee. It really feels like Ive start AF, but it would be a week early and theres no sign of her.

I know this lotiony/stretchy cm cant be fertile cm, but has anyone else ever experienced this before? What kind of cm have you had before a bfp?

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