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Slight nausea

Ok, sounds daft I know, but Iím on about 6dpo today. Yesterday afternoon I started feeling a bit queasy when I was out shopping and again today, although itís been more noticeable as the day has gone on. Iím still feeling it now, but it doesnít feel like a sickness bug(Iím eating and drinking as normal), pretty much like when Iíve had morning sickness before (just tastes sickly in mouth). But I donít tend to start feeling sick until about 5/6 weeks so Iím thinking itís gonna be impossible that it would be morning sickness if I am pg.

Anyone else had this??? Itís got to be just in my head right??

Iíve ordered some 10 Mlu tests off amazon and they should be here in a couple of days x trying like mad not to get my hopes up xx

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Do you know which day you ovulated for sure? I had early nausea like that with my last baby, tested at 7dpo and got my BFP! I must have ovulated early.

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I am also 6dpo and woke up at 5 am (not at all common for me as I am not a morning person) and was extremely nauseous. I honestly just thought it was all in my head as it would be way to early to have any signs. Plus I know I was to be pg so bad that I think I am making things up!

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That faint, intermittent nausea is always one of my first signs. 6dpo is really too early for pregnancy symptoms, but if you ovulated earlier than you think, this could be it for you!

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