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Lloyd’s early pregnancy tests


Can anyone tell me if they’ve used Lloyd’s pharmacy early pregnancy tests please?

I gave up using frers and clear blue because I was fed up of indents and false lines on cb.

I bought a pack of the Lloyd’s tests this afternoon, so I had one for first thing tomorrow (7dpo) and decided to pee on one today after a 3 hour hold (yeah I know pointless), but I could just make out a mega faint line within 2 mins (cracked it out of the case) and it’s dried more noticeable.

I know I’ll have to see what happens with tomorrow’s test, but are these also bad for indents and evaps?

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Hey, I’ve used them before and didn’t get any hint of a line. I’m not sure what they are like for Evaps. Did the line come up within the timeframe?

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