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Ovulation pain for two days!?!

Hi ladies let's talk ovulation pain. Wowzers so my pains started 2 days ago. May 2nd. So I called this ovulation day. It was pretty persistent dull pressure pain on left side. And then yesterday may 3rd. It had continued throughout the day into the evening. So during the day it was the dull pressure feeling. Around 9:30 pm my ovulation pain was so intense I had to lay down in fetal position cradling my left side. I considered getting out the heating pad as I do will my periods bc pain can be pretty intense the first day. I didn't do so bc I didn't want to affect anything going on in there. Which I don't even know if it's a thing lol. Maybe i ovulated may 3rd instead of the 2nd. Anyone else experience intense ovulation pain? I'm thinking maybe it has to having two prior c sections, a year ago being my last.