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Sperm waiting for eggy?! Anyone try this or trying this method?

Hi ladies anyone have successful stories or trying this method? Dtd 2-3 days prior to ovulation, and ending up with a bfp? My son is going to be 4 in October and he was conceived almost 4 days before ovulation so I know it's possible. But still seems wild to me. He wasn't a complete planned pregnancy so I had no idea when I ovulated with him but I do know they moved my edd 4 days. We only had unprotected sex once when he was conceived and it was on Jan. 17th, and my scan showed I ovulated on the 21st. can sperm really last that many days before ovulation?
This cycle. We dtd April 29th-30, & may 1st. Ovulation either may 2nd or may 3rd. Due to so work schedule this was the only possible time during my fertile month. So we will see. Thanks ladies

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Me!! Currently 6 weeks pregnant and DH & I DTD 3 days before ovulation the cycle we got our BFP. Def. possible because there was sperm waiting when egg was released. Fingers crossed for you!

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Yep, sperm can survive for up to 5 days inside your body (7 in some rare cases). You are more likely to conceive a female child if something like this happens, because the X-chromosome sperm can generally survive longer than the Y-chromosome sperm.

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I dtd once it was 2/3 days before my ovulation & got pg, 8wks along now.. with my daughter it was no less than 3 days prior to ovulation trying out the shettles method for a girl & it worked even if u dont show lotsa fertile ewcm, in the uterus/cervix its always diff & speemies can def live that long

As Dill has said, girls last longer but are not fast swimmers, boys are quick but die off sooner like 2days or so i think

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I'm going to try this method this month. Currently waiting for AF to show up.

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Good luck with this method. Hoping it works for you!

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