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1-2 dpo, af due may 16th, symptom spotting * join me*

Hi ladies so here I am again. Ovulated may2nd or 3rd. So I am officially in the awful tww. I wish I couldn't obsess about symptoms and the tww but I just can't. Looking for someone's to join me.

So this cycle dtd April 29th and 30th. & May 1st. I thought I ovulated on the 2nd but my pains continued and even got worse the falling day. Because of so work schedule this was the only time during my fertile window, I am hoping it's enough.

1-2 dpo- Dull pressure cramp, soreness on left side where I ovulated. Insomnia last night and slight headache today, emotional. Cm is still slimy and wet feeling, cp high, open, soft.

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