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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Day 34, 18 dpo and despairing

Hi everyone,
I am feeling very discouraged. We have been ttc since December and no luck. I have been tracking my cycles and making sure we time things right. In March I used an OPK for the first time (forgot to use one last month) and got a positive result, made sure we timed it, but still no luck. My cycles range from 26-33 days since I started using Fertility Friend in Feb 2017. Today I am on day 34 of my cycle, estimated 18 or 19 dpo and got a BFN yesterday. Today I feel strange - lots of twinges (which could be oncoming menstrual cramps), hunger followed by nausea, using the bathroom lots. I took a Dollarama early detection test at noon (so not first morning) and BFN.

Could I be pregnant? I made an appt to see the doctor on Thursday. I am starting to despair a bit -- I am 31 and feeling worried that something is going wrong with me (my mom has endo, I have a small fibroid confirmed via ultrasound in Feb, but doctor said everything else looks okay. I also get wicked cramps that sometimes cause me to throw up). Any friendly advice or words of encouragement/comfort?

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I'm cd34 in like 18 mins lol and I'm the same bfn! I'm usually a 31-33 day cycle and only one cycle has been longer at cd35. Not sure what dpo I am as I don't track it unfortunately. FX for us both! Oh and I have also had cramps but no AF yet!

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Have you been pregnant before? if your cycle isn't regular, even with tracking things may not be as they seem. Like just because you got a bfn this morning doesn't mean you're not pregnant. I don't get a bfp sooner than 4 weeks after I ovulate. My period date is basically useless. Just keep testing, if you haven't started your period your not out.

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