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Not sure when I ovulated... some help please?!?

For ladies with experience of clomid so this is my first cycle on fertility meds in well over 6 years so Iíve forgotten all that comes with clomid.. this morning I woke up to noticeably larger Areolas they are puffy and sore the breast on a whole is not too sore just the nipple area they havenít gone darker they seem to have gone pinker stupidly this month I canít tell you when I ovulated as me and OH decided to give it all a break with testing and symptom spotting and checking CP etc ... but I still proceeded with the treatment CD2-6 ( starting 24th April ) Iím currently CD17 Iím wondering If it sounds like Iíve ovulated :/ oh this is an entirely new symtom that I havenít experienced since a week after a Bfp with my DD ....

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