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1dpo and cm confusion

So I believe Iím 1dpo today. FX so hard!

We dtd Monday 5/21, but missed Tuesday and Wednesday. Wednesday I had watery cm, so I knew ovulation was close and made sure hubby knew tomorrow was happening whether he wanted to or not. Iím the one with the high sex drive in this relationship... I didnít check my cm Thursday morning, but I was out and about shopping and walking around and I felt very slick down there, so Iím guessing I had ewcm. I had some bad cramping around noon like I was about to have a period, but intense and also in my back. When I checked cm in the afternoon like I normally do I had lots of creamy cm. So confused and disappointed! But then I realized that slippery feeling was gone, so my cm had definitely changed in the last couple of hours. I also had very sore boobs both Wednesday night and last night, so Iím hoping those are good signs of o! I havenít had sore boobs during any part of my last cycle, but I used to have a few days of ewcm before ovulation, so thatís throwing me off.

My best guess is o happened late Wednesday night/Thursday morning. We dtd anyway last night just in case and so Iím hoping between Mondayís bd being two days before o and last night we have a good chance of catching the egg. One interesting thing is last night maybe an hour or so after dtd I felt pinching near my left ovary. Just one sharp, but definite pinch. Could that have been the egg dropping even though I had creamy cm at the time?

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