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OPK Experts. Please Help.


I'm on CD 13 and for the past 3 or so days I've had positive OPKs, and yesterday and today I have/had ovulation pains. We DTD CD6,7,8,10,11,12,13. I have a normal 28-29 day cycle. My CM around CD 12 was EWCM now it is watery. Do you think we safely DTD enough or am I yet to ovulate hence the positive OPK and O pains?

It is very weird for me to get this many positive OPK's. I'm worried that my body is struggling to release an egg. I know I shouldn't test more than once but I had a few spare.

Thank you all.

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You ovulate 6-72 after the positive so you should dtd day of and next two days to cover all bases xx

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It is best to DTD until you start getting negative on opks, great advice I got from a friend on this forum. GL!

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