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8 DPO Need Help With Symptoms

So I can be anywhere from 7-9 dpo but I have a strong 8 dpo in mind. My cycle was running at 30 days. O was suppose to happen on the 30th according to my app. I think I ovulated 1-2 days early 28th or 29th and DTD on the 24th.

So at what I think is dpo1 , I woke up super bloated that day and it hasn't gone away since. At 6 dpo i started burping alot. TMI: I've had diarrhea on and off. At 5 dpo I began to get mild sore nipples and before bed I started getting this mild cramping feeling right in the middle and still hasn't gone away. This has never happened to me not even at AF. That night, while sleeping, I had a strange stomach pain like gas, but in a specific area.

Usually 2 days before AF, I urinate more than usually because my lining is ready to go. Since the cramping started at 5dpo, I've notice each day I urinate more and more. Yesterday I peed 6 times in a span of 8 hrs. Usually in that time I pee only 3 times.

The burping is driving me crazy and it just comes out. I can't control it. Every day my nipple and areola area get a bit more sore/tender. I do fill my breast slightly fuller but just a tiny bit.

According to the app I don't get my AF until the 12 or 13. That's 6-7 days away. I have never had PMS start this early for me.

Another note in the past I would completely freak and obsess daily about any minor symptom being a prego indicator. This past week I have been extremely calm about it all. I have had random ticked off moments but not too much. Even writing all this am just blah about it.

The 2 week wait is killer, please help.

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If you are having these many symptoms that could be related to a pregnancy- then Iím pretty sure a test would pick this up now.

Baby dust love x

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Not necessarily! I had crazy symptoms with my pregnancy with dd from 1dpo. Ones I didnít even know could be symptoms and Iíd never had them happen before in any cycle in the 15 years Iíd been having periods. I didnít get bfp until 17 dpo! My theory is that there must be some sort of chemical reaction when conception occurs and some bodies are just sensitive to those changes, while others are not. Iíve known other women to have symptoms immediately as well. We canít possibly be making up symptoms we didnít know could be symptoms, especially given I wasnít actively trying at the time. I just happened to be really horny at ovulation and we stopped using a condom because we were fine with pregnancy happening should it happen.

Best wishes and I hope you have a bfp very soon!

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