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O Timing

Iím having a wacky month. I had a positive OPK on CD17. My temp shift didnít happen until CD21, though! So, now I have no idea when I Od and I need to catch a bfp early for progesterone supplementation. Any guesses? I had significant ovulation pain on CD18 but had ewcm on CD20. Iím so confused! Slow rise maybe? Or just geared up to O earlier than I actually did?

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I've heard that you can ovulate up to 72 hours past your pos opk. So if you got a positive on CD17, 72 hours after would be CD20 and you said you got your shift on CD21. I am guessing you O'd on CD20? I would buy some cheapies and start testing as if you O'd CD18, to be on the safe side so you can try to catch it early if BFP! Good luck to you hun!

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