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Internet cheapie VS Shop Bought Preg Tests/FRER etc..

What’s everyone’s experiences with these? I’ve heard a lot of people say internet cheapies are unreliable and they’ve got BFN’s... sometimes 6 weeks or so into their pregnancy! Some say they’re brill...

I’m just curious as I’ve been testing with internet cheapies since Monday... I’m 10dpo today so I know it’s still early but I’m just getting BFN’s with them. I have 4 FRER’s which I’ve bought today so I’m going to test with one of them tomorrow... Just wondering if others experiences and if they’ve ever had BFN’s with internet cheapies and then gone on to have a BFP with a FRER and if so how many dpo were you?

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With my most recent mc I got my bfp on an internet cheapie at around 12dpo (not entirely sure on dpo as wasn't temping then). It was very very faint and I wasn't sure whether to believe it, so I bought a Superdrug test and then an Asda one, both of which were a lot clearer but not super strong lines either. I do wonder if I was a bit earlier than 12dpo though.

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