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Symptoms by dpo

Starting at 2dpo until now-sore breasts
6dpo-7dpo lower back ache, sharp cramps that only last a few seconds on and off
9dpo- woke up in the morning starving like I hadnít eaten for days, some nausea on and off at work, feeling very hot and sweaty, tested BFN
10dpo- (today)woke up starving again, ate on my break at work and an hour later was having hunger pains like I hadnít eaten all day and my stomach felt very empty, some nausea after eating, tugging and pinching feeling behind my belly button
AF is due on Saturday and I am waiting until then to test again if she does not arrive. I have a feeling that I may be pregnant this month. Hoping that I am right. I have one FRER and itís driving me crazy to not test. What is everyone elseís symptoms so far and has anyone else tested yet?

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I'm pretty optimistic, feeling really crampy today AF isn't due til Sunday.

I really want to test but holding off til at least the morning. it's been killing me.
Good luck to you

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