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Originally Posted by lenorajoy View Post
This has been an incredibly lucky thread so far!
Letís hope it brings the rest of us luck for this month ! X

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Wow - what a lucky thread 😀
Congratulations to everyone has their bfps! ❤️
Hugs to those who af has caught ☹️

I am down to test on the 14th which is the day before af is due - struggling to hold out though, even though I know itís too early!!! Have a positive feeling about this month but then I think maybe I am getting carried away spotting Ďsymptomsí....xx

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Thanks for updating, Dream!
Iím out for this cycle, but we get another chance this month! can you please add me as testing on July 31?

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Beccabear – I’m sorry! Baby dust to you for next cycle!

Pinkee – Big congrats! Looking forward to your beta results!

Dream – I am so sorry. What an evil surprise. FXed for this to be her last visit for a while!

Shorty – Thanks for the beautiful line porn!! Big congrats!!

Elmum – Glad you have another shot in July! Hoping you round out the testing with a BFP!

AFM, I’m feeling pretty confident about this month after worrying that we wouldn’t get more than one BD in 3 days before O. I had strong O signs yesterday (+OPK, Peak FM, EWCM, O pains) and we BD last night using Pre-Seed. BBT dropped over night, so no confirmed O yet, but hoping for a rise tonight!

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good morning ladies. Hope all is going well for you guys! Today marks 3dpo for me and it has been confirmed as ff gave me my crosshairs today. First cycle on B Complex and already have confirmed O which typically doesnt happen until after cycle day 20 for me! SO far in the tww I feel great, and I haven't noticed too many changes yet. I typically tend to have lower range temperatures even after ovulation but this cycle I went from 97.7 on o day to 98, 98.3, and now 98.6!!! I can't believe it!! One question for you ladies though. I don't remember what my signs were during my first two pregnancies as my youngest is 10 this monday. Immediately following Ovulation I noticed loads of Creamy cm, which is throwing me off. Although I am used to cm after ovulation, not like this. sorry if it's tmi, but yesterday at 2dpo there was so much of it in my panties that it not only covered the inside of them but it was also all over me down there if you get what I am saying. Has anyone ever noticed an immediate increase in creamy cm before their bfps?

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Good morning ladies!

Dream: so sorry for you thats a really evil surprise coming in so early. Is AF still there? Because maybe it could be an implantation bleeding instead I heard some women have that?

Shorty: those lines look really amazing congrats!

For the ones joining FX this will also be your month and weíll all be able to benefit from this lucky thread.

AFM: Today iím 12 days past hcg trigger shot and 10 DPO. I have my beta test at the hospital on Monday but when I woke up I juste had to use my last hpt. I have a faint positive so hereís to hoping it will get darker and itís finally due to a pregnancy and not leftover hcg from the trigger shot.

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Good luck marvstee!!
AFM I got engaged last night. Got to pick out my ring and then he proposed when we got home. Nice and relaxed for him.. but now he doesn't want to tell his dad :/ so I'm kinda like huh. But I think it's a money thing idk....
And I'm not ready to announce it on Facebook yet because his sister just announced her 4th pregnancy so I'm just stuck lol...I'm not a good match for patience lol..
Ugghhh... anyway I'm 12 dpo nips are still sensitive and my boobs feel heavy but wouldn't that be another surprise on top of the proposal I don't have any tests as I said before I'm just playing it by day and not temping as much and waiting for the witch

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Fx for you Marvstee, hopefully those lines keep getting darker!

Congratulations on the engagement Bre! it would be amazing if you could add BFP to that celebration!

Not much going on with me, just settling into the 2WW. We bought a new car today as our current one is quite small and we wouldnít be able to fit 3 kids in it. Just need the baby now!

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I think I might have ovulated later than normal... my normal store was out of opks whn we were going to start using them, so I got a few when they came back in. Tried one for fun and test line was darker than the control 5 days after my typical ovulation day.

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Hello ladies im new here i am testing 20th july xx

Possibly 2dpo but not entirely sure lol
Hope y'all are well xx

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