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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Over 2 weeks late bfn!!

Hi everyone, hoping someone can give me a bit of advice, or has been in the same boat.
I had an ectopic pregnancy in January and my right tube was removed. We were told to wait 3 months before starting to try again. This is our second month TTC since that. I have felt very very nauseous since about a week before my period was due. I am currently over 2 weeks late, still very nauseous but all negative tests, I feel like I'm going crazy. (I got a very very light line on a one step test yesterday morning but have done like 5 tests since then, including one this morning and all negative) I don't think I'm pregnant, it's too long without a bfp, but Im just so frustrated, why is this happening and should I go to docs, can they even do anything???

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