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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Horrible Backache and Ovulation

I got my positive OPK today and later this afternoon I got a horrible backache. I never get backaches around O. Do other people get this? I was thinking maybe it's a cyst that ruptured or something. My cycles are always regular.

I was going to take soy this cycle, but only ended up doing one day because I changed my mind. Maybe that's why????

It's not enough pain to go to the ER, but it is enough pain for me not to be in the mood at all to BD tonight.

ETA- never mind, it only lasted an hour, so probably just something to do with ovulation and I don't know how to delete posts

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Hi there, I have searched this same topic on google many times. Every single month, on the dot, I have gotten a very terribly uncomfortably backache during ovulation. Always seems hit or miss when looking for information, hopefully it is a good sign you’re ovulating effectively!!! Although my o day backache lasts up to a week 🙊

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