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14 DPO BFN-Cramping

I got a bfn today at 14 dpo on FRER (bummer) but I have been cramping for a few days now. With all my previous pregnancies, it feels like AF is coming and stays that way through much of the first tri. I started cramping like that about 10dpo ish and starting a couple of days ago, I’ve had consistent low back ache. This isn’t typical for me during periods, only when I’m pregnant.

I understand that hormones can make us feel new things all the time so I imagine I’m not pregnant given my negative this far into my cycle (I get got good positives at 10dpo with all my pregnancies). But come on, man. Don’t need this cramping! My LP is usually 15-17 days so if this is AF getting ready, she started early.

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