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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Kinda going crazy! TWW on cycle #1 of TTC

Hello all! I'm new to this site! So for the past few months I've been doing as the doctor instructed and taking my fertility supplements and tracking cycles. I went the official period of time with no Lupus flares and had my scans to check my ovaries and uterus. All clear and green light go time! On CD 14 I had a big positive OPK with full ferning on my fertility microscope. We and then DH got the cold our daughter had. Well CD15 and 16 my OPK strips went back down like usual, my fern pattern receded. CD 17 EWCM almost doubled and then OPK showed positive again, as well as ferning popping up. I'm now 5-6 DPO and on CD 20. My breasts hurt, my nips are hard as hell, I've got the worst headache, and I've been unbearably nauseas all day. The OPK strips have been STRONGLY positive for 3 days, but I know I had to have OV before, with the CM, sex drive increase, and tests. I remember feeling like this with our daughter but I don't recall how soon. What is happening!? Anyone experience this? I'm nervous because we have had 6 miscarriages. We are on a protocol to hopefully prevent another one, and if I do get a BFP I'm praying it is a sticky one.

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Good luck

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