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Ahhh please help!

Ok this is... well whatever I'll just get into it i'm sure you've all heard it before. so my last AF (CD1) started on July 5th. ended on July 9th. Theoretically I should have ovulated on the 19th. However I am absolutely certain I ovulated before this. I started having very large amounts of EWCM on the 13th. They continued to get less and less on the 14th and 15th. by the 16th I'd gone to the drying up, sticky, tacky CM that happens after ovulation. Because of this I'm fairly certain I O'd on the 14th or 15th. That would make me now between 6-7 dpo. All week i've been getting headaches (started a new job though so could be from the Air Conditioning) but Starting yesterday I started getting VERY sensitive and sore nipples. Usually before AF I get sore breasts but it's on the top and sides NEVER my nipples. I usually have no feeling in my nipples at all and right now they're VERY sore and sensitive and feel almost swollen. They're killing me. On top of that this morning I woke up with a metallic taste in my mouth and my coffee tastes like I'm drinking liquid metal. I drink it black and it's gross and sour. it's the same kind I get from the same restaurant every day and it never tastes this sour and metallic to me. I've been crazy emotional the last 2 days as well... I've also been feeling bloated and more gassy than usual oh and my SO and I dtd last night and I went to the washroom after and there was small amounts of pink on the tissue... oh and the other day when I was checking my cervix to see if I still had EWCM it started to really HURT and I ended up with sharp cramps for a couple of hours afterwards, it's NEVER hurt before or ever caused cramps... This would be my third child and I'm wondering do symptoms appear earlier with subsequent pregnancies? could I be pregnant? These are not my usual AF symptoms...and if I ovulated so much earlier than expected and/or usual when would be the earliest I could test now? my AF would normally be due the 4th of August (29 day cycle usually) but with the early O I don't know if that would change it or not...

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Itís possible!
If youíve ovulated earlier you would be due AF earlier as well.
Frustratingly, all you can do if wait and see if AF arrives and/or test and see if you get a BFP.
Hope all your symptoms are good signs for you. Best of luck!

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