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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Please, any experiences with this?

Hey everyone,

Looking for experiences with HCG levels.

I got my first vvvvvfl at 8dpo. Slowly progressed to a darker line. Now at 14 dpo - period is due today.

My HCG at 10dpo was 23, then at 13dpo was 38 - so not doubling like it should. I also have lower left side pain so my dr is concerned of ectopic. U/S showed no sac anywhere so that doesn't help.

I'm 4+5 weeks going off LMP dates but ovulated late - is it possible my HCG will pick up being that i'm only 14dpo? Anyone have any (positive or negative) experiences like this?

Feeling pregnant and emotional so I just don't understand.

I have a 1yo and miscarried at 7 weeks in April this year. This pregnancy feels different to both of my others.

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When this happened to me it was an indication of a failed pregnancy. My tests were extremely light, they were getting darker but very slowly. I got bloods done and they were 51 then 48 I believe, i started naturally miscarrying at 5 weeks.

Don't let the scan frighten you. With levels that low it would be impossible to see anything on a scan. Not necessarily ectopic. I am sorry it doesn't look like it will be a successful pregnancy good luck to you next cycle!

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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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You're definately pregnant, I would just keep up with testing and pray. At 5 weeks I remember my hcg being around 30! My hcg is very low in the beginning, I didn't even look at numbers doubling ect... I just tested for progesterone and prayed and had hope. healthy baby born 9 months later. We just don't know what will happen. DR's can't see anything via US till our hcg is closer to 2000, we didn't have first ultrasound till exactly 6 weeks and it showed a healthy happy strong baby bean.

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Any update? I suffered an ectopic in 2010, my hcg was high but not doubling. I also didn’t experience any one sided pains until the day before (7weeks 1day) my ectopic was discovered and my tube ruptured during surgery. Hope you’ve got good news since

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