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Totally Confused

Wasn't sure which forum to put this in!!!

So I believe I am pregnant and I'm having everything you would have but no test is picking it up.

Oh and I had what seemed like a period but was light.
It lasted for my normal 6 days but wasn't even like a period.
Hot Flashes
Frequently Using Bathroom
Can't lay on stomach
Pulling and Pinching
Smell Stronger
Need I go on.....

I'm gonna see about going Friday to My Dr. I need to get checked out...

Last Actual Heavy Period was May 31st (First Day & Lasted 5 Days)

I found this and thought maybe it could be so...

Conception likely took place on june 17, 2018.
You are 7 weeks and 1 day pregnant. (Fetal age: 5 weeks and 1 day)
The baby will be born during winter time.
You are in the first trimester.
The first trimester began on june 03, 2018.
The second trimester (weeks 13-27) begins on september 02, 2018.
The third trimester (weeks 28-40) begins on december 16, 2018.
Your safe range to give birth: february 17, 2019 to march 24, 2019 (full term).

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I would get a blood test done by your doctor. That's the only for sure way of knowing if you are actually pregnant. If you are 7w along then hcg levels should be high enough to detect in blood work. Did you spot for 6 days or have a light period? I know it's possible to have some light bleeding during pregnancy but I don't know about an entire 6 days if you had to use pads/tampons.

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I'm going Friday to my OB.
I used the tampons because i thought it was a period but ended up not having to use them. I used a pad just incase and nothing was on it but maybe a spot or two. The tampons had barely anything on them and when i didnt wear anything it was only when i wiped.

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