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Stopped bc after 2 weeks... ovulation?

Hey ladies, I'm 5 1/2 months postpartum with my 1st after ttc for 2 years with pcos, I started taking the pill after much debate about which method to choose to control my pcos since we didn't know when we would ttc again since we struggled with our first Nand had a csection and breastfeeding didn't work out.
Anyways, this birth control made me so depressed in the two weeks I was taking it that it wasn't worth it and it was just bad to say the least. I bled heavily from starting the pill, to 2 weeks after stopping. We dtd a few times after i stopped bleeding (2 weeks) unprotected. Dumb i know.
Exactly a week later I started bleeding and cramping and I was pissed because I just bled for a month straight a week ago. But it was done by the next day didmt think much about it since i figured I'd be irregular.
Now it's about another week and I'm due for AF based on when I stopped the pill and started bleeding heavier. And I went to log a few things in my period tracker and noticed the timing and changed last week's bleeding as spotting and it occurred to me that it could be implantation bleeding based on timing and my mind is going 1000 miles a minute because I never ovulated on my own for the 2 years we were ttc #1 but I know women can be more fertile after giving birth but I'm also thinking I messed up my body by starting and stopping the pill so quickly hi have no clue

I know this is pretty weird and complicated but does anyone have any thoughts about ovulating and implantation with pcos and stopping the pill so soon after starting?
If I don't have any bleeding by next week I might POAS

Thanks for reading! I appreciate any input from you ladies

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