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For those having trouble ttc

I cannot say this is what did it for us, but I think it's a good possibility.

When ttc#1 it took us 18 months, I had a mild vit D deficiency. During my fertile week the month BEFORE we conceived we were at Disney so lots of sunshine. I'm pretty indoorsy so I don't get much sun exposure.

Ttc#2 found out on CD 1 in June I had a moderate Vit D deficiency at 18.8 with 30 to 80 normal. I started 4000 iu Vit D daily and had increased sun exposure. We conceived this cycle and I had my ultrasound today showing a healthy baby.

So if you are having trouble, get your Vit D level checked it could be effecting your fertility. I don't recommend just taking Vit D without first finding your level out.

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