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symptoms 5 days after ovulation?

Hi, I am completely new to this so I do not know the proper lingo. Please excuse me! According to an app I have I ovulated on the 23rd and did the deed on the 22nd. It was an accidental situation with no planning.I am 21 with normal cycles and I am worried that I could possibly be pregnant. This morning I woke up with my shirt soaked on one side where my breast is. I have slight cramps, but they are not like period cramps or anything and they don't last very long. I am also extremely tired and my breasts are sore. Could this be a sign of pregnancy or am I just over thinking it? Any help is greatly appreciated! Sorry again for my lack of knowledge of the proper terms here. Thank you.

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When is your period due? You could have got pregnant if you ovulated accordingly to your app. It would be too early to test but if you end up late, I’d definitely test. Good luck

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