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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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TWW, Implantation and low hcg question

Hi all: in many years secondary infertility. Have made alot of health changes last 2 months and my cycle chart is looking amazingly better. My instructor and I are suspecting implantation symptoms of just 3-4 days ago. Today's FRER test is super faint line within 3 minute window, enough that something is there but not enough to rule out indent or evap line.

My question is: is it possible for HCG to just not be in my system yet? With my only known pregnancy, I didn't even know till I was about 5 weeks pregnant, and I remember the first HCG coming in positive yet on lower end of normal.

I'm still about six days from being "out", just trying to understand how much hope is left for this cycle and how many days past possible implantation we should do home tests. Bloodwork day after possible implant was negative.

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Hi, Iím not sure the ins and outs of HCG levels but I know the most sensitive tests can start showing a BFP from 9DPO.

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