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Ovulation tests

So we are ttc #2 and since I came off the pill my cycle has been pretty regular at 25 days... That is until we decided to ttc from ntnp. Now they are 21 days so I had no idea when I ovulate.
Have been testing from cd5 onwards for a few months but have never had a positive test! Only faint lines. Lots of other ov symptoms for a few days though. Anyone else had no luck with the ov tests???

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If your cycles are regular its likely you are actually ovulating - or so my Dr says.

Are you testing with CBFM or IC tests?

Do you test once a day or more? I never picked up a positive when only testing in the morning i nearly always picked it up late afternoon and it was gone by the next morning. Took me a while to realise i was just missing it.

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