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Collection of symptoms. 9dpo. Too soon?

Hello all

I believe I'm 9dpo today going by a positive OPK last week.

Symptoms so far have included

- Creamy cm pretty much since O. Less so now though.
- Nausea for 5 or so days now.
- Breasts look fuller. Not so much feeling any different besides a little sensitivity.
- Face breakouts and some behing my ears?! Which I never get.
- Very vivid dreams
- I'm able to squeeze some milky liquid from my nipples which I haven't been able to in the past. (I was curious lol)
- Today I have had some strange shooting pains down below
- Mild aches at the base of my back
- Positive OPK tests. But then they go lighter again..

But over all I've just felt 'different' since we BD after O..

I've had a couple of questionable shadows on some IC tests and a possible extremely - barely there - line on a frer.

I'm not sure what I'm asking here

How does all this sound to you?


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I think it sounds really good!! I had lightning crotch too when I was pregnant! That was one of my first symptoms. And the liquid coming from your nipples. That was another symptom of mine!! I don’t think 9dpo is too soon but remember if you had a positive OPK ovulation would be the next day so that’s when you would starting counting dpo’s! Good luck and fingers and toes crossed for you!!

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