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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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I'm sure I'm not but have a case of the what ifs

So my period has been irregular but more recently, I've had a 24 day cycle. My OH and I dtd on the first day I did not have my period (day 5?). Then I went to away with the kids for a few weeks. According to an app I'm using my ovulation date would have been 7 days away. The little swimmers don't typically last that long.

Fast forward.
I'm not 3 days late. I actually put a pad on the other night because I thought I was about to get my period. Still feels like my period is on its way. So now my brain is like what if I am. How exciting that would be!

I think I want more kids but I already have 2 children. What if I can't handle more than 2 (sometimes I feel as though I can barely handle the two of them ages 1 and 3). What if my hubby doesn't want more . What if something is wrong with my body that's causing my period to be late. Etc. Lol

The what ifs are both happy, excited and a feeling of unease.

We planned to officially start trying this month but happened to dtd that one other day last month.

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