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Tmi cm 20dpo

Hello ladies, tmi warning
I'm 20 dpo, 14 days past possible ib
I've been having a few symptoms like nausea, tender bbs, etc but something new for me is this very watery discharge that drips. I never had that or didn't pay attention with my first- we had been ttc for 2 years and I gave up treatments and tracking my cycle etc and finally got my bfp.

Is this something normal? Should I just be expecting AF any day now? I have a few tests that are super squinters and may just be evap lines and I really can't tell

Could this super watery clear cm be an early sign of early pg or normal af?

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I'm around 13/14 dpo and cd 26. I've been something similar so I'm hoping it's a good sign. Never noticed it other cycles.

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I noticed that with this baby, worried me at first, so far so good, symptoms kicking in full gear and kicking my butt along the way; 7w2d currently.

I remember this as well with my first two, literally exactly like PMS, everything, even my cervix stays low and hard for months (does vary daily, but this is the most common state for me early pregnancy it seems)

Adding: the cm never lasted long for me, I think itís normal in the very early days. Especially around AF time. Xx

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