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Pregnant or not

So AF for July was the 8th-10th which is normal. Iím pretty regular (28days). Me and my bf BD on the July 21st which according to every tracking app was my most fertile day. On July 24th, around 3:30am I woke up out of my sleep with the WORST cramps ever. It wasnít like my usual AF cramps, I tried using the bathroom, nothing. I tried drinking a ginger ale, nothing. I used a heating pad, nothing. I was literally doubled over in pain, nothing I tired help so I had to stick it out. It lasted about an hour. So usually have symptoms of AF about a week before itís supposed to start. My left leg usually gets this numbing feeling and whenever itís close to time and my bf wants to bd it make me cramp a little (weird I know, even if he rubs my thigh it cramps my stomach and causes the numbing feeling in my leg to start) but I havenít had ANY symptoms of AF. Itís supposed to starting the 4th which is tomorrow.

I took a PT 10 dpo (July 31st) and got a BFN. I havenít really had any possible BFP symptoms (this would be my first child, so Iím relying on google &#128514. The only thing I noticed was a little nausea here and there nothing to really alarm me, tiredness which is normal because I work around 70+ hours a week and Iíve have creamy white CM since me and my bf BD. Advise please ladies? I just donít want to get all excited and the BFN I got 10 dpo is a real BFN. ☹️

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Well your first paragraph sounds exactly like my month! Had those same type cramps about 1 dpo! And none of my usual af symptoms.

Did you use a frer? Could you be off on your ovulation day?

The cm sounds like pregnancy to me. I should pay attention to mine lol. I havenít tested yet.

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