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Implantation Bleeding Questions?

Ok so sorry this might be long but I'm trying to give everything time to figure its self out and figured I would ask while I wait. We are ntnp not scheduled to actively try until around September but it would be fine to happen now. My period is scheduled today however I've been lightly spotting since friday, today it seems to have increased in the amount but it's still dark brown. I ovulated on the 23rd I believe and we tried twice on the 20th and again on the 24th. So basically I guess my question is has anyone had implantation bleeding that got heavier not enough to fill a pad but still was dark brown in color? Normally day 1 of my period is red so this sort of scares me although I know it can be normal just the spotting ahead of time isn't normal for me. I plan on testing if it hasn't turned normal red by Wednesday as I had implantation bleeding with our daughter&it was similar to my period.

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