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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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TMI - Pink spotting after BD - 9dpo

We are now on cycle 6 of TTC #2.
After 5 months of tracking ovulation we decided to relax a bit this cycle and didn't use OPKs but I usually ovulate CD14 so I'm guessing I did this cycle too. We BD CD12.

I am now 9dpo, last night OH and I BD (not particularly rough, just normal sex) them afterwards I went to the toilet and when I wiped it was light pink. His swimmers were completely pink (not like streaked but all of it was light pink). I assumed I would wake up to full blown AF (LP's are all over the place because I am still BFing DS, sometimes I have a 14-16 day LP and sometimes a 10 day LP). But this morning, nothing, I checked inside and lots of creamy CM but no blood.

Could this be implantation ??

I am also concerned the pink could be from OH and not me as it wasn't like mixed but all the semen that came out when I wiped was pink. TMI but I'm going to ask him to masturbate onto some tissue later just to check there is nothing wrong with him.

Thanks in advance !

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