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weird slight pressure lower abdomen anyone?

Hi just thought i would give you a little insight into what ive had this last week.
It all started really with well last period 14th march lasted for 2 days. ovulated on cd11 . 7dpo and 9 dpo i had brown spotting. cd24 had yellowy gel snot like cm. cd 25 period was due but never showed. im now cd26 since then i have had:-
Headaches for the past three days from hell!!!!
SO tired have been in bed all day
peeing loads
loads of ewcm
achy teeth
cold like symptoms
swollen boobs
sore boobs
montgomery tubercules
shooting pains in boobs
hunger pangs
swollen belly
gassy lots !
Full feeling in tummy low down and heavy!
and the weirdest thing has been today - pressure front above pelvic area upwards motion with every pulse or so it seemed - just strange

If anyone else has had anything like these and got a positive i would love to know .

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Hon! I have most of these myself..not achey teeth yet. I had metallic taste the other day.. and I had bleeding gums last pregnancy..

SOunds promising... I hope we get our bfp.

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