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Brown cm 7/8 dpo sign?


I am in my 5th month of TTC, yesterday and day before which were 7/8 dpo i noticed slight brown cm (no spotting) which appears to have gone now. I am a bit confused as i have read that this could or could not be a good sign...anyone had experience of this (hoping it was implantation bleeding)?

I seem to be ovulating very early (about day 11 in my cycle) and am not due for AF for another week. I tested today which would be about 9 dpo with a FRER but a BFN

I have also had a few pains/twinges in my sides and breasts, occasional very mild af like cramping on and off. I also completely flipped out a couple of days ago for no apparant reason! Now just feel very teary....

Does this sound good to anyone or am i reading too much into these signs again!?

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I had it at 11 dpo this cycle. It's the first time I've ever had dark brown spotting/CM(had tiny spots of reddish/orange in previous pregnancies around 8 dpo).

I had taken an hpt the day before at 10dpo in the afternoon, that was a squinter and then a very faint line on 11 dpo using FMU, so I actually worried it was a sign of a CP, but I kept getting positives that have gotten darker and have had no more brown and am now past the point where AF would have arrived by 2-3 days.

Sounds promising:-)

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