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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Am I going crazy or could I be pregnant?

Basically I ovulated on the 23 however I had unprotected a couple days before that with my hubby so so I believe I concieved on the 23rd.
Anyways , from about 4/5 d.p.o I was feeling "weird" like random waves of nausea , and this weird twingy pokey spikey feeling in the right side of my lower uterus and then I woke up in the morning after I had a bit of brown blood in my knickers and the twingy feeling had completely stopped. Since then no spikey feeling at all!
For the last couple of days I have had random pains in my head , a stuffy nose , more nausea , constant hunger even when i finish eating I want more and i've just woken up very hot and my hubby says I have a bit of a temperature.
Anyone else had a experience like this , this early ?

I really need advice , does this sound like early pregnancy?
I really really wish and pray it is

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those symptoms sound promising hun , I would give it a few more days and then go get a test because you are soo early I doubt a test could pick up the pregnancy hormone yet
Good LUCK!!!!

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